Russia will always remain existential threat to Baltic states - expert

  • 2023-02-27
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA  - Russia will always remain existential threat to the Baltic states, said political scientist Karlis Dauksts. 

"Ukraine makes achievements on the front with technical arms, while Russia responds with leading the live force of criminals into death. The Baltic states should also take into account all this, considering that Russia has been using this tactics for centuries, using live force," the scientist said.

Marcis Balodis, a researcher at the Center for East European Policy Studies, said that Russia's war in Ukraine proves that every country should take care of its own security. The allies should be used as necessary, but the country should be ready to defend itself, its strategic infrastructure and critical systems.

"It is also a matter of our civil defense capability, resources, evacuation of residents and the crisis plan. It is a matter of society integration, values. Consolidation of the society is crucial in the moments of crisis," said Balodis.

On a broader context, the EU and Europe should understand that it is not possible to negotiate with Russia. Europe also should take care of its own security because the resources of the US as our strategic partners are not limitless, the expert said.