Russia's assessment in the eyes of the Latvian population continues to improve - survey

  • 2020-08-23
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Russia's assessment among the Latvian population continues to improve, according to a survey conducted by the research agency SKDS.

In July of this year, citizens were asked to rate whether their views on Russia were positive or negative. The survey revealed that every second inhabitant of Latvia (50 percent) evaluates Russia positively as a whole. This year, the fixed indicator is three percentage points higher than last year.

Russia's rating deteriorated sharply in 2014, when the Crimean crisis and Ukrainian revolutions took place. That year, Russia was positively assessed by 45 percent of the population, while in the following two years - by 41 percent of respondents. Starting from 2017, Russia's rating has started to improve, reaching the highest level since 2014 this year.

The highest rating for the neighboring country was recorded in 2010, when it was assessed positively by 64 percent of the Latvian population.

Russia has been assessed negatively by 39 percent of respondents this year, which is one percentage point more than last year.

Another 11 percent of respondents were unable to give a specific opinion on this issue.