Russia may carry out attacks on Ukrainian territory, but further development not possible - commander of NAF

  • 2022-02-23
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Russia may carry out attacks on the territory of Ukraine, but further development is not possible due to insufficient military and economic capacity, the Commander of the Latvian National Armed Forces (NAF) Leonids Kalnins pointed out to TV24 today.

He pointed out that everything possible must be make sure Latvia is safe and is not drawn into this conflict, but it is very difficult to predict further aggression by Russia.

At present, it is possible to analyze and judge Russia's strategic goals. If it was once suspected that the main goal of Russian President Vladimir Putin was to restore the Soviet Union, which is made up of republics, it can be said that his main goal now is to restore the Russian Empire and not to give autonomy or sovereignty to any republic.

"This indicates extreme aggression, a change in strategy to conquer new lands, where there will be no cultural autonomy, no self-determination. Any economic or political activity will be absolutely subordinate to the government dictated by Moscow," Kalnins said of Russia's true intentions.

Speaking about the situation at the Ukrainian border, where the Russian army is concentrating its forces, the NAF Commander has indicated that from a military strategy point of view, Russia may carry out an attack on the territory of Ukraine, but further development of hostilities and remaining in the territory of Ukraine is not possible, as Russia has insufficient military and economic capacity to carry this out.

Kalnins mentioned the application of sanctions as one of the main weapons in the fight against Russia. "Here the role of the West and the sanctions to be introduced play a crucial role - Russia's sources of income, which Russia receives from the sale of oil and gas, play a huge role here. If it stays this way, we are practically financing the war in Ukraine," Kalnins emphasized.

The NAF Commander has also pointed out the importance of cooperation between the Baltic States, as we are showing our attitude in helping Ukraine.

Kalnins has also reassured Latvian society that it "will not have to flee, because we are in the NATO collective defense system''.