Rinkevics to nominate New Unity's representative for premier - Roslikovs

  • 2023-08-22
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - President Edgars Rinkevics will nominate a representative of New Unity for the next prime minister, Aleksejs Roslikovs, head of Saeima group of the For Stability party, said after a meeting with Rinkevics on Tuesday.

It is "absolutely clear" that Rinkevics will nominate a New Unity representative for the position, said Roslikovs.

Commenting on the new government's makeup, Roslikovs said that it would include New Unity, Union of Greens and Farmers, and the Progressives. He would not be surprised if at least some representatives of the United List also joined the government.

Roslikovs criticized the new coalition parties, claiming that New Unity would "continue to drown our country in debt". The Greens/Farmers and the Progressives will support New Unity in this process, he said, accusing these two parties of being spineless.

Roslikovs also said that he and Rinkevics had discussed all the current issues that need to be resolved, including food prices, electricity bills, loan interest rates, and residence permits.

As reported, New Unity has nominated Welfare Minister Evika Silina (New Unity) for the post of prime minister.