Rigas Siltums heating tariffs to grow about 30%

  • 2022-09-01
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Rigas Siltums heating tariffs might grow almost 30 percent, said Rigas City Council housing and environment committee chairman Edmunds Cepiuritis (For/Progressives) on social networks.

Cepuritis based his estimations on the new Latvenergo tariffs. He said that Latvenergo tariffs will be over EUR 200 per MWh, and thus, Rigas Siltums tariffs will grow from the current EUR 85.45 per MWh to about EUR 110 MWh.

He said that Latvenergo tariff accounts for 42 percent of Rigas Siltums tariff, therefore it significantly affects the tariff changes.

Cepuritis said that as the tariffs rise in Riga, many people will qualify for housing benefits, but some will find it hard to pay bills, and their debts will grow.

As reported, Rigas Siltums is still calculating the new tariffs after Latvenergo increased its share.

The Public Utilities Commission has approved new thermal energy tariffs for Latvenergo thermal power stations No. 1 and 2, which will be several times higher than the current ones and affect heating tariffs in Riga.

The new thermal energy tariffs will enter into force on October 1. Tariffs have been raised due to "the increase in the price of fuel (natural gas), the increase in the cost of emission allowances, the reduction in the amount of energy produced by almost half, as well as the unexpected costs accumulated during the last heating season".