Riga and Tallinn discuss transition pf schools to one language of instruction

  • 2023-10-04
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Representatives of Tallinn visited the Riga City Council today to discuss Riga's activities in the transition to Latvian-language education and on the way to "single school" in the capital's educational institutions, LETA learned from the Riga City Council's External Communications Department.

The representatives of the cities discussed current issues and discussed the issues of a single school. Representatives of the Riga City Council and the Latvian Language Agency gave an overview of the progress made so far in Riga schools and pre-schools in the transition to Latvian-language education, shared their experience, recommendations.

Laima Geikina (For), the Chair of the Education, Culture and Sport Committee, pointed out that she had been on a working visit to Tallinn in the spring to learn from the experience of the neighboring capital.

The Tallinn visitors plan to visit Riga Secondary School No. 34 to learn more about the school's experience in the transition to Latvian-language education. The school has previously implemented a Latvian language program in some classes.