Restrictions on hobby education to remain in force in 13 counties

  • 2021-01-07
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian government decided on Thursday that restrictions on hobby education, youth work, refresher training and sports will remain in force in 13 counties, but contact learning will resume.

The members of the government approved in principle the continuation of restrictions in 13 Estonian counties in the field of hobby education and activities, refresher training and education, and sports from Jan. 11, government spokespeople said. Contact learning will resume at all levels of education from the same date. The decisions concern all Estonian counties, except Harju County and East-Viru County. The corresponding order will be approved at the government's online session on Friday.

From Jan. 11, all general education school levels, vocational schools and universities will resume contact learning. When organizing contact training, the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Research and the Health Board must be followed in order to conduct studies as safely as possible.

From Jan. 11, up to 11 people, including a coach or instructor, may take part in the activities mentioned in indoor conditions. The occupancy of a room must not exceed 50 percent. In outdoor conditions, the limit on the number of participants of up to 25 people, including a coach or instructor, will apply. When carrying out activities, it must be taken into account that one group must not come into contact with other groups. Other trust measures that have been in place so far, such as the use of disinfectants, the obligation to wear a mask, and so on, must also be respected.

From Jan. 11, indoor sports competitions and events may only take place in 13 counties for championship teams participating in the competition system of a sports association, professional athletes and members and candidates of Estonian adult and youth teams.

Outdoor sports and exercise events with a maximum of 25 participants are allowed and care must be taken not to come into contact with other groups.

In both indoor and outdoor conditions, sports competitions and events can only take place without spectators.

Restrictions will be reviewed in two weeks.

After the government sitting on Friday, government spokespeople will publish the order and explanatory memorandum on the website A separate notification regarding the government's decision will also be issued.

After the entry into force of the decision, the Ministry of Education and Research will send information on the new restrictions to all educational institutions and recommendations updated in cooperation with the Health Board for organizing studies as safely as possible.