Researchers from the Baltic Sea region join forces for a healthier sea

  • 2023-06-16

Enabled by the Björn Carlsons Östersjöstiftelse, 22 top researchers from Sweden,  Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, and Poland now join forces as  Björn Carlsons Baltic Fellows. The purpose of the network is to work together for a  healthier sea, and make politicians and decision-makers realize the urgency to act.  September 26, the network arranges a seminar at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm in  connection with the award ceremony for Björn Carlsons Östersjöpris 2023, where  H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria hands out the award to this year's prize winner. 

The Baltic Sea suffers from environmental contaminants, eutrophication, and overfishing,  which negatively affect everyone in the nine neighboring countries. In order to join forces for  a positive development, the Björn Carlsons Baltic Fellows has been initiated on commission  by the Björn Carlsons Östersjöstiftelse. The founding fellows, Agnes Karlsson, Petter Tibblin  and Jenny Ask states the importance of the fellowship: 

- We formed the Björn Carlsons Baltic Fellows to connect future research leaders  around the Baltic Sea to stimulate innovation and collaboration. Our hope is that the  network benefits Baltic Sea research and, ultimately, contributes to a healthier and  well-managed Baltic Sea. 

The network consists of 22 exclusively selected young researchers from the countries  around the Baltic Sea, who are all focused on the Baltic Sea and its environment. One of the  fellows is Associate Professor Mindaugas Zilius from Lithuania. He was selected to Björn  Carlsons Baltic Fellows for his multidisciplinary research on nitrogen cycling for a sustainable  management of the Baltic Sea. 

- I strongly believe that science and effort needed to improve the status of the Baltic  Sea cannot be done alone. Fellows working together, with skills and competences  that we have developed during our various research carrier path, can come up with  better and more comprehensive answers to the challenges facing the Baltic Sea. I  hope we, fellows, may help to accelerate the implementation of the Baltic Sea Action  Plan while it is still possible, says Mindaugas Zilius, Marine Research Institute of  Klaipeda University. 

From 2005 to 2020, Björn Carlsons Östersjöstiftelse (Baltic Sea 2020) allocated grants  totaling SEK 650 million for research and applied projects for the Baltic Sea. The foundation  is now making a long-term investment in the development of Björn Carlsons Baltic Fellows  and the future decision-makers in Baltic Sea research. Commenting on the launch of the  fellowship, the Chairman of the Board, Bo Lehander states: 

- With the foundation’s support, we hope that the Björn Carlsons Baltic Fellows can  provide a platform for emerging researchers to thrive, and to drive positive change for  the Baltic Sea environment. 

On September 26, Björn Carlsons Baltic Fellows will hold a seminar at the Grand Hotel in  Stockholm. At the seminar, important topics connected to the Baltic Sea environment will be  discussed together with politicians, decision makers, youth leaders and organizations. The  seminar is held in connection with the award ceremony for Björn Carlsons Östersjöpris 2023,  where H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria hands out the award to this year's prize winner.

Read more about Björn Carlsons Baltic Fellows and all members at 

About the Björn Carlsons Östersjöstiftelse and the Björn Carlsons Östersjöpris Björn Carlsons Östersjöpris (i.e. Baltic Sea Prize) was established in 2021 by Björn Carlsons  Östersjöstiftelse (BalticSea2020) - an annual prize awarded to a researcher or other person  who has made valuable contributions to the Baltic Sea's environment. With a prize sum of  SEK 3 million, the foundation's hope is that the award will create commitment to the Baltic  Sea and inspire further work for a healthier sea. From 2005 to 2020, the foundation allocated  grants totalling 650 million for research and applied projects for the Baltic Sea.