Report from Ministry of Finance: First technical solutions and design of the new Public Procurement Register are ready

  • 2017-02-09
  • Kristina Haavala/TBT Staff

As the report from Estonia's Ministry of Finance, says the first part of the new Public Procurement Register has been developed, including user-friendly design, search engine, and desktop view. The register developed in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Finance, the Information Technology Centre for the Ministry of Finance and international software and business consulting company Nortal will become available to users in 2018.

“Estonia will soon make a complete transition to e-procurement. Already now 90 percent of all public procurements are carried out electronically,” said Mihhail Korb, Minister of Public Administration. “New register will provide the best technical capabilities for ensuring that both domestic and international procurements run smoothly.”

The most significant of the upcoming changes in the development project led by the Information Technology Centre for the Ministry of Finance is the activity-oriented approach that will allow to sequence activities more flexible and to process parts of procurements separately. New approach improves service quality and makes procurement process simpler and faster. First, the operations of the contracting authority and then the suppliers’ operations will be transferred to a new design and modernized technical platform.

According to Lauri Tammiste, Head of the Public Sector Business Unit at Nortal, the project development partner, register is developed in close cooperation with an expert group consisting of actual register users. “We have conducted numerous user tests and taken into consideration the requests of both contracting authorities and suppliers in order to make the complete transition to e-procurements as convenient as possible. One of the comfort-enhancing innovations is that the new register will also be usable on mobile devices. Aim of the improved register is to attract more suppliers, and to help to ensure the transparency of the public procurement system through gathering statistical data on different sectors,” added Tammiste.

The planned total cost of the new register is 2.5 million euros. Preliminary analysis of the project “Development of e-procurement’s full capacity” was composed by Datel AS. The project is financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Detailed information about the project, including roadmap and parts of the new design, are available at