Regional bus transport no longer free for working-age people

  • 2024-01-22
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Starting from Monday, travel on those county bus routes in Estonia where free travel has been in effect until now will become paid.

On the public county lines of Polva and Voru counties, tickets will be reintroduced from April 1 as a result of the arrival of a new carrier. County bus routes, where paid travel has been in effect so far, will continue as before.

Bus tickets will cost 1.50 euros for those using an electronic card. If bought from a driver, a ticket will cost 2 euros. Tickets can be bought from drivers anywhere in cash and in some places also with a bankcard. A 30-day ticket will cost 25 euros.

"Tickets can be bought and money can be transferred onto a travel card in the online environment It will also feature information about which ticket sales points people can buy tickets from. For example, tickets can be bought and personalized at the information desk of Selver supermarkets. Tickets can also be bought from the bus driver and other vendors," Andres Ruubas, head of the public transport department at the Ministry of Regional Affairs and Agriculture, said.

Children, the elderly and people with disabilities are still able to travel free of charge. 

In order to receive a travel discount, the person who qualifies for the discount must personalize their travel card and, if necessary, have the type of travel discount on it as well as carry a document certifying the right to travel for free when entering the bus.