Reform Party board supports Kallas continuing as PM

  • 2023-09-08
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The governing board of the Reform Party, the senior partner in the Estonian government coalition, decided at a regular meeting on Friday that it supports Kaja Kallas continuing as prime minister, Postimees reports.

"The board supports my staying on as prime minister," Kallas told Postimees. "Of course, this scandal has caused a lot of unease. We discussed the situation, I was able to answer their questions, and the board supports my continuing as prime minister," she added. Kallas also promised that when her term as party leader ends this fall, she plans to run for the position again.

According to Kallas, the main criticism against her was poor communication. "I will strive to improve my communication and perform better," said Kallas.

The Reform Party board meeting also discussed how to resolve the deadlock ahead of the parliament's fall session.

"The opposition has clogged the whole Riigikogu with interpellations and various bills. [We discussed] how to move forward from there, considering that we have to process very important bills, draft and pass the state budget in a very difficult situation, to improve the balance of expenses and incomes. We're also facing major security policy challenges. But at the moment, there is no compromise from the opposition," Kallas explained.

The prime minister believes that the demand for her resignation is just an excuse. Kallas does not think her stepping down would solve the deadlock.