Recognized British comedians are coming to Estonia

  • 2023-10-13, Kinoteater, and the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 are introducing Ali Brice and Simon Brodkin – two renowned British comedians who, among other things, draw inspiration from mental health. The shows are part of the project „Stand up for your mind!“.

Sandra Liiv, the project manager of „Stand up for your mind!“, said: „People love to laugh and humour is a great way to tackle difficult topics in an easier manner – it takes the pressure off and helps fight the stigmatisation of mental health issues. Stand-up comedy helps bring mental health topics to those who don’t yet feel comfortable around that subject, but who love stand-up.“

Henrik Kalmet from Kinoteater added: „British comedians Simon Brodkin and Ali Brice weave mental health into their set with skill and self-irony, omitting any false shame. They show that it is not a taboo subject and that we can analyse difficult topics through humour, offering support and relief to everyone involved. After all, good jokes are usually based on a universal and relatable experience – we all have mental health, be it good or bad!“

Simon Brodkin has made a name for himself as both a stand-up comedian and a comedy actor. He is the most-watched British comedian ever on TikTok. In his new show „Screwed up“, Simon takes a look at his mental health while also criticising celebrities, social media, the police, Putin, Prince Andrew, and Jesus.

Ali Brice is a UK-based alternative and character comedian and actor. As a stage actor, he has toured internationally and regularly participates in high-profile television commercials. In his stand-up show „I tried to be funny, but you weren't looking“, Ali shares how he's enjoying life again, having almost lost it.

Brice has said of the show: „For me, lockdown coincided almost exactly with the time I started therapy. I spent two years talking about myself, looking back on my past, and coming to terms with things. Therapy changed my life and that’s what I celebrate in my show. It’s about my journey with mental health and about something I did in 2018 that almost meant I wasn’t here anymore. But don’t worry, it is a very positive and silly show.”

Simon Brodkin will take the stage with „Screwed up“ on November 22 at the Athena Centre in Tartu and on November 23 at the Rävala 8 Convention Centre in Tallinn. 

Ali Brice’s „I tried to be funny, but you weren’t looking“ will come to Tartu’s Athena Centre on December 13 and to Tallinn’s Rävala 8 Convention Centre on December 14.

The warm-up act for both Brodkin and Brice's stand-up show is Henrik Kalmet, Kinoteater’s founder, actor, director, and comedian.

The events are in English and are suitable for ages 12+. Tickets are on sale at Piletilevi.

The project „Stand up for your mind!" is part of the main programme of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024. This project is carried out in cooperation with the British Council in support of social cohesion in Estonia in the framework of the People To People Cultural Engagement programme. For additional information about the work of the British Council in Estonia, visit