Putin is fighting against European values - Ukrainian ambassador

  • 2022-03-23
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently fighting against European values, Ukrainian Ambassador to Latvia Olexandr Mischenko told Latvian Television.

According to him, although NATO countries are providing assistance to Ukraine, this has not halted Russia's aggression, therefore the people of Ukraine expect a stronger NATO position.

Mischenko calls on Western countries and their leaders to help the people of Ukraine both humanitarianly and in the fight against Russia.

Meanwhile, political scientist and associate professor Oleksandr Kurban, who is currently based in Kyiv, said Russia wanted to give the impression that both Putin and the Kremlin has support, but this is not true. The population is also turning against them without weapons, and that shows that they are resisting, he noted.

He is convinced that the people of Ukraine will not be loyal to Putin and Russia - there can be no talk of friendship.

According to Mischenko, Putin and his associates are imposing their ultimatums on wanting to keep Donbas and Crimea, but no one in Ukraine agrees. He noted that the Ukrainians will be ready for peace talks only if Putin stops the war by withdrawing his troops from Ukraine. So far, Putin has not considered such an idea, Mischenko added.

At the same time, Kurban is "one hundred percent convinced" that Putin has no way back, and if he is not stopped in Ukraine, he will move on. In addition, if Russia will remain as it is as a result of this war, the whole world is in great danger, he acknowledged.

"We need to put even more economic and political pressure on Putin. All countries need to agree on this process. Russia has gone too far and needs to be stopped," Kurban said.