Pro-Kremlin activist held in Daugavpils for supporting Russia's war in Ukraine

  • 2022-11-01
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The State Security Service in Daugavpils last Sunday detained a pro-Kremlin activist who had been systematically expressing support for Russia's aggressive war in Ukraine and inciting national and ethnic hatred in Latvia's society, LETA was told at the State Security Service,

In recent days, this person had been actively inciting people to protests against the planned dismantling of monuments in Daugavpils honoring the Soviet occupation regime. 

The State Security Service also conducted an authorized search at the person's home. The assessment of the evidence obtained during the raid is ongoing. 

On September 28, a criminal procedure was started against the aforementioned person for crime against peace and justification of crimes against peace, as well as for activities aimed at inciting national and ethnic hatred or discord. 

Investigators from the State Security Service established that the person had been posting video messages on the internet spreading pro-Kremlin propaganda, justifying and praising Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, and making hostile statements about Latvians and Ukrainians. 

On Monday, the person was officially assigned the status of suspect and several measures of security not involving detention.