Post-vaccination effect reflected production of antibodies – survey in Lithuania

  • 2021-07-27
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Reactions felt after anti-coronavirus vaccination show that antibodies are being produced in the system, and stronger reactions led to stronger immunity, a survey carried out by Lithuania's Kaunas Clinics show.

Its results were on Tuesday published by the new website.

2,239 workers of Kaunas Clinics were tested as part of the project after they received two dozes of the Pfizer vaccine. Preliminary results show some 7 percent of the participants felt adverse reactions within 15 minutes after vaccination. The rate was similar after the administration of two dozes as well, Leonas Valius, head of the Family Clinic, told the website.

"In most cases, they included symptoms like weakness, dizziness, pain in the injection area, but there were no serious life-threatening reactions," he said.

Later on, after leaving the vaccination place, 9.5 percent of the medics needed medical assistance due to adverse reactions after the second doze. 4.4 percent of the participants needed it after the first doze.

A similar percentage, around 75 percent, of the people felt pain in the injection area after both dozes, and only 4.5 percent complained about very strong pain. Every tenths participants was nervous and irritable.