Police detain group of four persons, including a medic, for fraud with Covid-19 vaccination

  • 2021-10-14
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The State Police has detained a group of four persons, including one medic, in suspicion on fraud with Covid-19 vaccination in a medical institution in Riga.

The economic crime unit (ENAP) of the State Police discovered another medical institutions where people were able to receive forged Covid-19 vaccination certificates. A group of four persons has been detained - a woman born in 1962, two women born in 1989, and a man born in 1969, LETA learned from the police.

The group includes a medical employee, persons that acted as go-betweens in the payment process and one recipient of bogus vaccination. 

ENAP chief Peteris Bauska told journalists Thursday that police are investigating how many people have received fictitious vaccination and that their estimates suggest that these might be several dozen people. Investigators will also check whether the bogus vaccines have been provided also to foreign nationals.

During five searches, USD 9,000 and more than EUR 6,000 of what is thought to be proceeds from crime have been seized. According to police information, the price of fictitious vaccination was EUR 250. 

Three of the persons, including a medic, have been arrested, and a decision has been made on the restrictive measures, while one person has been imposed a restrictive measure that does not entail deprivation of liberty.

The police did not comment on the name of the involved medical institutions. Also, the police did not comment whether the criminal procedure has any relation with the earlier cases when Covid-19 patients taken to Pauls Stradins University Hospital and Vidzeme Hospital had forged Covid-19 vaccination certificates.

As reported, since August, the State Police has also initiated a number of new criminal proceedings for possible bogus vaccination and bribery of medical professionals to obtain vaccination certificates. One criminal procedure is being investigated by the Corruption Prevention Bureau (KNAB).