Perfi, a personal finance platform: no gimmicks here—just pure magic!

  • 2024-01-18
  • Lukas Bolt

Perfi, a groovy personal finance platform that combines all bills and makes paying for them easy, has further firmed up its Baltic stance in 2023, and sets its eyes on Latvia and beyond in the New Year. “Currently, we operate in Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland, with Latvia coming soon, and we have a few other countries in mind as well,” Ausra Ciuplienė, the CEO of Viena saskaita, part of Aktiva Finance Group, and Karin Lohmuste, the CEO or Perfi, also part of the Group, told The Baltic Times Magazine.

Why Perfi? 

Karin Lohmuste: Why should we opt for platforms and technologies that enhance our daily lives, save time, and assist us in making better decisions? On the one hand, the current times are quite chaotic; however, on the other hand, we have the opportunity to leverage digital advancements, to streamline tasks and address issues that genuinely require our attention. Perfi is a platform designed for consolidating all your invoices – it means you can conveniently pay all your invoices with just one bank transaction. What's even more crucial is the ability to track and analyze the evolution of your expenses over time through comprehensive statistics. 

You say Perfi is the easiest way to pay all bills? Isn’t it a gimmick? Prove it! 

Karin Lohmuste: No gimmicks here—just pure magic. Okay, that was a joke (laughter). In all seriousness, our superpower at Perfi today is payment consolidation. This means you can truly settle all your invoices with just one bank transaction. With years of experience, we currently process daily payments totaling around 1.2 million euros. 

Looking ahead, we promise to unveil new superpowers, but we'll keep those as surprises for our clients. 

Our overall goal and vision is to be your personal finance partner and adviser. 

But first one needs to sign up with your platform? And download your app, right? 

Karin Lohmuste: Yes, you need to sign up and determine how you'll route your invoices to Perfi. The easiest way is to select all your service providers and grant us power of attorney. We use this authorization to connect your service providers and request them to send your invoices directly to your Perfi account from that point forward. 

Currently, our app is available in Lithuania, and starting from the beginning of 2024, it will also be accessible in Estonia. 

How much do you charge for the service? 

Karin Lohmuste: We have different pricing models in various countries, but in all markets, we offer a free trial period. After that, the price starts from 1.99. 

What countries do you operate in? 

Ausra Ciuplienė: Estonia, Lithuania, and Poland, with Latvia coming soon, and we have a few other countries in mind as well. 

Talk about your latest expansion, please. 

Ausra Ciupliene: The most recent country in which we've introduced our product is Poland. It holds a significant position among our desired markets due to its market size and the population's inclination to pay their utility bills. Our product is an ideal fit for this market, and we anticipate achieving rapid success in Poland. 

You’re part of Aktiva Finance Group, aren’t you? 

Karin Lohmuste: Yes, we are proud members of the Aktiva Finance Group. It's genuinely beneficial for us. Being a startup in Estonia with the simultaneous support of an experienced financial services company provides us with diverse development and ideation opportunities. 

What are the Group‘s core acivities? 

Karin Lohmuste: Aktiva Finance Group offers companies comprehensive financial infrastructure services. Essentially, this means the group can handle everything related to invoices from inception to closure. Our products streamline processes, allowing you the time to concentrate on what matters most – your customers. With nearly 30 years of experience in various fields, we aim to make checking and managing finances easy and convenient for our customers. 

What is next for Perfi in 2024 and beyond? 

Ausra Ciupliene: In 2024, we have ambitious plans for significant innovations of the platform. We will introduce new features to users, aiming to transform it into a comprehensive platform catering to all personal financial management needs, becoming a one-stop solution. Stay tuned! A lot of new things will be introduced next year. 

How do you see Perfi being improved and making it more popular? 

Ausra Ciupliene: Operating in the fintech industry requires a continuous commitment to refining our product. We actively collect and utilize customer feedback to drive the development of our platform. This approach ensures that we are not complacent with our current achievements but rather encourages continuous progress, growing our popularity and attracting new customers. 

Any expansion plans in the making? Where to? 

Ausra Ciupliene: Our plan for the next year includes the launch of Perfi in Latvia, marking the completion of our expansion into all of the Baltic countries. Although I firmly believe that Latvia won't be the last country to adopt Perfi, our current priority is to concentrate on the markets where we have already launched. It's crucial to foster growth in these markets before considering further expansions. 

Who are some of the brightest people on the Perfi team? 

Ausra Ciupliene: Every team person matters in our journey. The success we've achieved is a direct outcome of effective teamwork. Without my team, we wouldn't be where we are today. Each member, spread across offices in different cities, is a talented individual who believes in and is passionate about our product. We affectionately refer to ourselves as "Perfies".