Paysera will share profit with thousands of private investors

  • 2019-03-21
  • TBT Staff

Lithuanian payment system Paysera and security issuance platform Desico signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement provides for a crowdfunding project: natural persons will be able to acquire Paysera's securities that will be linked to future performance of the company. The aim of the project is to attract thousands of unique investors and the investment of 2.5 million Eur. When this amount is reached, it is planned to allocate up to 10% of the total profit gained from newly registered customers among the security token holders. A new company named Paysera Investment is being established for the purpose of distribution of securities.

“We are actively expanding abroad. We want to speed the pace even more, however, this requires not only investments, but also suitable partners and new customers. This is way we decided to issue securities. However, the focus of the project is not the money. Above all, we aim for the support and involvement of individual investments. Only an investing person feels their own contribution and is therefore personally interested in the success and growth of the company. We hope that the proposed investment model will not only encourage to invest money, but also prompt to put some personal effort into it – by recommendations, and perhaps even with real action, this way helping the company attract new customers and partners in different countries," says CEO of the new company and the main shareholder of Paysera Group Companies, Kostas Noreika.

Depending on the goals set, investment terms and conditions are also envisaged. Only private individuals will be able to acquire the securities. It is intended to attract several thousand individual investors, so one person will be able to invest between 100 and 7.5 thousand Eur. One investor is expected to invest 200-300 Eur on average. Foreign investors are highly appreciated, as Paysera seeks for the highest growth abroad.

Investing will take place through the platform. To log in to this platform, an individual is required to have a Paysera account and be a fully identified client. Noreika notes that this will be another important aspect showing the investor's interest: “We are not
interested in an investor who only wants to put money without even trying out the service he is investing in. We want to attract people who see value in our business and believe in the company's vision, those who are users of the service themselves, or have at least tried it".

The securities will be linked to the performance of the entire Paysera Group. It is planned to start trading the securities at the end of April. From then on, the return on investment will be calculated: if the target amount of 2.5 million is raised, 10 percent from the total amount of profit from new customers will be returned to the investors.

Received investments are designated for several purposes: about 0.5 million will be invested into obtaining an electronic money license in Bulgaria and active expantion in Romania which is scheduled for May; 1 million Eur will be invested in development of Paysera Ltd and more active search of suitable partners in other countries; the rest is aimed at setting up Paysera Bank in order to expand the range of services and the opportunities of cooperation with banks around the world, or at joining the payment systems that require a banking license.

This is the first time in the history of the profitable activity of Paysera Group, when a pledge to actively expand and share profit is made to external investors.

“Paysera's mission is to create a world of easy and fast payments available to everyone and everywhere. The specific purpose of these investments is to increase the number of partners abroad, to build more partnerships with foreign banks and financial institutions, so that customers could make fast, easy and low-price payments to any country of the world”, says Kostas Noreika.