Parlt's legal affairs committee to discuss appeal seeking recovery of ferry Estonia hull

  • 2020-02-11
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The legal affairs committee of the Estonian parliament is about on Tuesday to discuss an appeal by 1,097 people seeking that the wreck of the ferry Estonia be raised from the sea bottom.

The chairman of the legal affairs committee, Jaanus Karilaid, said the wreck of the ferry than sank in 1994 is covered by an international agreement declaring it a resting place of the victims.

"In order for any practical procedures at all to be taken with regard to the wreck of the Estonia, that agreement would have to be changed in collaboration with Finland and Sweden," Karilaid said. "At the meeting of the committee we will discuss with representatives from the relevant institutions the possibilities for initiating an amendment of the international grave peace agreement," the Center Party MP added.

Toomas Kivimagi, deputy chair of the committee, said that a collective appeal by a significant number of people is sufficient to consider once again whether there are so many unanswered questions left that the process of raising the hull could be initiated. The Reform Party MP added that raising the hull could be given consideration to only in the event that it might give answers to the questions.

"It cannot be dismissed as unimportant that 25 years have passed since the disaster and possible raising of the wreck will again open the wounds of next of kin," Kivimagi said. "It also has to be taken into consideration that conspiracy theories  mostly are more attractive than official positions," he added.

A representative of the signatories of the collective appeal, as well as officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications have been invited to attend the meeting.