Over 30 businesses have aided Estonian Refugee Council with evacuation from Ukraine

  • 2022-03-07
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Since Feb. 25, the Estonian Refugee Council, together with the Estonian state and cooperation partners, has helped nearly 1,200 Ukrainian war refugees to reach Estonia.

In addition, the organization provides diverse humanitarian assistance to the affected population within Ukraine. The quick response has been facilitated by dozens of Estonian entrepreneurs, a large number of volunteers and donors, spokespeople for the nonprofit association said on Monday. 

Companies have supported the Estonian Refugee Council with various services, food, medicines, and facilitation of necessary procedures, and have also provided donations of various sizes.

Although there are more companies that have provided support to the victims of the crisis in Ukraine in one way or another through various organizations, the Estonian Refugee Council would like to extend a special thank you to those Estonian companies and businesspeople with whom the Council has cooperated already.

"The workload of the Estonian Refugee Council increased several times, but thanks to dozens and dozens of Estonian entrepreneurs, we have been able to quickly help more than 1,000 people fleeing war come to Estonia, as well as organize the provision of humanitarian aid in Ukraine on the ground. This is a very direct impact, the extent of which, thanks to good cooperation, is many times greater than we could offer alone," Anu Viltrop, head of support services at the Estonian Refugee Council, said.

The Estonian Refugee Council extends its gratitude to AS Go Bus, AS Lux Express Estonia, Medifum Group OU, Merling Reisid OU, MK Reisid AS, Hansareisiburoo AS, Taisto Bussid AS, Bussberg OU, Indre Trade OU, Alltours OU, JSC Olego Transportas, Citybee, Flavesco OU, Selver, Tallinna Kaubamaja, Tallinn University, Wise, Bolt, Wolt, Coca-Cola, Saku, Varska, Omniva, Kapten Grant, Benu pharmacy, AS Salvest, Mobec AS, Ampstukk, Paradise Finest Foods OU, Mixpack OU, Koduekstra, La Muu AS, L'Oreal, Orient office supplies, AS LTT, the Estonian Food Industry Association, Estonian Food Bank, VLND Burger, and others.

The Estonian Refugee Council is still looking for offers of assistance from businesses to deliver food and medical aid to Ukraine. Offers for donations and help with transport should be e-mailed to [email protected]. The nonprofit association also continues to welcome financial donations from businesses, information about which can be found at https://www.pagulasabi.ee/en/help-ukraine

Estonian Refugee Council has been providing humanitarian assistance in Ukraine since 2014.