Over 200 diplomats opt for public transport in Tallinn following parking changes

  • 2023-08-18
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Following the City of Tallinn's decision on July 1 to reduce the free parking spots for diplomatic missions in public areas of the capital city, over 200 diplomats have expressed their wish to use the city's free public transport.

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet said that the summer amendment impacts around 500 diplomats or their family members based in Tallinn.

"We discussed the modifications in advance with both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies. The previous parking arrangement was quite unique in global practices and concerned the parking management of more than 200 vehicles belonging to embassies. The interest of foreign mission staff in using public transport is encouraging. So far, 210 embassy employees or their relatives have set up a transport card account and acquired the right to free travel," Svet stated.

As of July 1, the exemption from parking fees remained in place for diplomatic vehicles with license plates from the CMD series, of which there are 33 in Tallinn. These vehicles are used by the heads of diplomatic missions or ambassadors. However, vehicles with CD license plates and those with AT license plates no longer receive the parking fee exemption.

To activate the travel benefit granting the right to free travel, a diplomat needs to register a transport card account at the Tallinn city government service bureau, based on their diplomatic identity card. The travel discount is valid for a duration of one year.