Opposition not planning on collecting signatures yet to oust Riga Mayor Burovs

  • 2020-01-21
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The parties making up the Riga City Council's opposition are not planning to begin collecting signatures yet to oust Riga Mayor Olegs Burovs (Honor to Service ), because they believe that the Saeima will vote in the coming weeks on the dissolution of the Riga City Council, according to politicians questioned by LETA.

The head of Unity's group at the Riga City Council Vilnis Kirsis told LETA that Saeima could decide to dismiss the City Council in about three weeks, so the division of posts within municipal structures are pointless.

According to him, if Harmony itself gathers the necessary signatures, the opposition "would have no problem voting", but the opposition itself will instead "observe the situation" from the sidelines for the time being. Kirsis, however, did not rule out that if there were any changes within the city council, the opposition might change its strategy.

The head of the New Conservative Party's group at the Riga City Council Janis Ozols said that if the opposition were to start collecting signatures now, Burovs could convene an emergency meeting for his dismissal in early February, but that by mid-February the Saeima will probably have a vote to dismiss the city council anyways.

"Perhaps Harmony will collect the necessary signatures themselves and then we could support the dismissal, but we are not planning on hurrying anything at the moment. Of course, if the city council's dismissal is" delayed ", we will then decide what to do," Ozols said.

Meanwhile, the head of the National Alliance's group at the Riga City Council Dainis Locis said that the opposition is waiting for the ''right moment'', because it would not be a problem for it to gather the necessary signatures.

"We see that we are more stable than Harmony at the moment, so we have to see that we have the ability to not only collect the necessary signatures, but also to remove Burovs. We will see how successful Harmony will be at this,'' Locis said, adding that the opposition is not planning to gift its signatures to Harmony.