Only this summer: a unique opportunity to experience the intriguing secrets of the Rokiskis Manors

  • 2023-08-01

The Rokiskis Region has prepared an intriguing novelty for this tourism season - an experiential tour of three manors, "Taste the Mystery". This trip is one ticket to three of the most impressive manors in the Rokiskis Region: the Ilzenberg Manor, the Salos Manor and the Rokiskis Regional Museum (Rokiskis Manor), which are not only a reminder of the various vicissitudes of manorial life, but also of the darkest intrigues and mysterious legends. By purchasing a three-manor travel ticket, travelers will not only be immersed in the labyrinth of stories. In addition, they will also receive numerous discounts on entertainment, meals and accommodation in the Rokiskis District. 

The participating manors are hiding three, and maybe more, secrets, which all fans of manorial culture and mystical intrigue are invited to discover. For many years, there has been a legend about a secret underground tunnel leading from the Rokiskis Regional Museum. It is said that the courtiers even travelled through it in carriages with horses. Does it really exist? Meanwhile, Ilzenberg Manor is proud of its Love Island, accessed by an impressive fountain-decorated bridge. We are told that this island commemorates the unfortunate fate of two lovers. Will you be able to find the symbol of their love on the island? Salos Manor, located on the largest inhabited lake island in Lithuania, has long been known as the hunting residence of the Radvilas. The place is crossed by the shores of Lake Dviragis and a breathtaking park where bears used to roam like guard dogs. The depths of the lake next to the manor house hide the legend of the drowned creature and the annual snake wedding. Will you dare to find out what the ancients say is buried in one of the columns of the manor's parade entrance?

The "Taste the Mystery" Three Mansions Experience package includes discounts from as many as 18 service providers across the district. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to benefit from discounts on meals and accommodation. They can also enjoy educational sessions on lavender hydrolats or fork making, participate in an RC model race, or take home a special gift of an artist's work.

Tickets for the three-manor experience "Taste the Mystery" can be purchased until 31 October this year. The visit to the estates can be made in any order you choose. After visiting the first manor, the ticket is activated and valid for three days. Additional benefits for ticket holders include discounts on entertainment, meals and accommodation in Rokiskis. 

Discounts for participants of the experience trip are provided by: Pupele, Food Jazz, Senas Grafas, Saukstas ir sakutė, Pagunda, Ziogelis, AK dirbtuves, Laimutes Sadauskiene IĮ, MilAdrija, Pub Karieta, Lavandų hawkyne, Roksala, Apartments in Rokiskis Old Town, Leokordis, B&B overnight accommodation in Rokiškis, Broniaus homestead, guest houses "Everena" and "Saldus Sapnas".

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Briefly about the manors:

Ilzenberg Manor is a manor house with more than 500 years of history, situated in a unique location between two lakes on the border of Lithuania and Latvia. Today, the fully restored manor not only fosters cultural life and the continuation of natural farming traditions but also creates unique spaces and organizes weekend events with a tasting menu created by the restaurant's chef exclusively for that evening. The estate is surrounded by a centuries-old park with sculptures of artistic value, turning it into an open-air museum. On the park's north side, there is a bridge to the mythical Love Island, commemorating the story of two lovers. There you will find a sculpture commemorating this legend. Upon arrival, you will find an inspiring setting, guided tours of the late classical palace, the estate, wine tastings and even a catamaran tour of Lake Ilgis, sailing around the shores of Lithuania and Latvia. The park has a children's playground, unique in Lithuania for its size, abundance of interactive and educational equipment and uniqueness.

Ilzenberg Palace can be visited on a guided tour (for individual visitors, guided tours are only available on weekends, during the high season). The park can be seen every day.

Salos Manor is located on the largest inhabited island in Lithuania, on a lake with a bird's eye view of the outline of the Lithuanian state. The Morikonis, a famous Italian family who came to Lithuania with Bona Sforza, built the classical-style palace of Salos Manor. Later, the palace became famous all over Lithuania as the venue for the best luxurious banquets organized by the Tyzenhaus family, which were open far from everyone. The estate is surrounded by a spectacular park, where bears used to roam like guard dogs in the time of the Radvilas. Nowadays, ostriches, ponies and llamas can be found here. In addition, the manor has craft workshops, a restaurant, accommodations, concerts and educational activities.

The Rokiskis Manor House has always been a focal point of culture, art and science, where intelligent discussions and exciting plans were held. Even today, the forms of the manor's buildings show the evolution of Lithuanian architectural styles, ranging from classicism to modernism in the interior of the manor. Nowadays, the palace houses the Rokiskis Regional Museum, which has over 100 000 exhibits of various kinds: archaeological finds, old books, works of fine and applied art from the culture of the manor and photographs. In addition, visitors are fascinated by the valuable collection of the Count's clothes, the exposition of carvings by the most famous 20th-century Lithuanian artist Lionginas Sepka, and the country's only collection of nativity scenes. In addition, the manor offers art exhibitions, plein-air paintings, classical music concerts, literary evenings, and more than 30 educational events.