On April 14, the largest entertainment center in the Baltics “Apollo Skypark” will be opened in shopping centre “Domina Shopping”

  • 2022-04-07

Next Thursday, April 14, the doors for the largest indoor entertainment centre in Baltics “Apollo Skypark’’ with total area of 7 000 m2 will be opened for visitors in “Domina Shopping” – one of the largest shopping malls in the capital of Latvia, Riga. Two new ‘’Domina Shopping’’ tenants – Baltic's largest cinema network “Apollo Kino” and Baltic's largest entertainment park “Super Skypark” – have joined forces in creating this center.

EUR €15,5 million has been invested for the development of this unique entertainment center “Apollo Skypark”.  EUR €5,5 million was invested by the association of both tenants, equipping the complex with all the necessary inventory and creating 85 new working places. “Domina Shopping” provided the construction of the centre, worth almost EUR €10 million, which has been the largest investment project since the malls ownership by the largest commercial property manager in the Baltics – ‘’EfTEN Capital’’. Thus, “Domina Shopping” becomes a full-concept shopping mall in which visitors from all over the Baltics will find everything they need for themselves and their family.

“We are pleased to announce that, in cooperation with the “Super Skypark’’ in Latvia, we are now opening our third “Apollo Kino”. It is a unique concept in the Baltics, in which the cinema has joined a diverse entertainment centre to create a full and enjoyable world of leisure and fun for the whole family,” points out Head of the Baltics ‘’Apollo Kino’’ Kadri Arma.

Movie lovers will be delighted to have three cinema rooms with 210 comfortable seats, including “Apollo Kino” club seats with anatomically tailored high-quality chairs and visitors' favorites –  two-seat sofas. These extremely comfortable sofas are ideal for enjoying the film with a companion, offering home-couch amenities in a movie theatre.

“The new cinema content plan will be created in line with the audience’s requirements for this entertainment center – more animation movies and family-oriented content in different languages. Like all our movie theatres, “Apollo's’” movie theatre in “Domina Shopping” will be equipped with the most advanced cinema technologies, making the viewing experience incredibly realistic,” says K. Arma.

The strongest element of the active entertainment in “Apollo Skypark” will be the Europe's largest trampoline area of 1 750 m². As a part of it, long battle way routes, platforms of varying height and the largest foam ball pools have been supplemented with ball playgrounds and interactive games. Fans of active lifestyle will be able to test their skills in conventional trampoline basketball, in “AeroStrike” duel basketball, and in a number of speed and agility games, as well as a digital battleground game for children and youth, “ValoJump”, in which the participant will become a part of the video game.

“The entertainment area for children and also the visitors that are young in their spirit, includes an electric car autodrome and a huge climbing center with 9-meter-high slides. Compared to the “Super Skypark” in Tallinn, we have introduced a number of important innovations – extending the trampoline arena is just one of them. We have created a separate trampoline area for toddlers so that younger visitors can have fun safely without disturbing the older ones. We have also added more interactive games and even 4 “ValoJum”p attractions – visitors have a chance to play alone or compete with an opponent, and can participate in real-time tournaments taking place in other countries,” explains Alars Kajari, member of the ’”Super Skypark” Board.

With opening of the entertainment center in “Domina Shopping”, celebrating any event becomes simpler than ever since “Apollo Skypark” will have 20 different-fitted party rooms with included dining options. There will also be a room for parents which will be free of charge.

Finally, a new family café “Claudz” will also operate at the entertainment center “Apollo Skypark”. Its placement and design will allow parents to follow the activities of their children from above, while enjoying the tasty food and other offers.

Dina Bunce, Managing Director of shopping mall “Domina Shopping” says: “We've been waiting for this moment so long and finally it's here – the largest indoor entertainment centre in the Baltics “Apollo Skypark” is in “Domina Shopping”! We are sure that every visitor will be delighted, because the association of the two new tenants, “Apollo Kino” and “Super Skypark”, has made great efforts in creating a variety of activities, so that each of our shopping mall visitors – families with children, young people and adults – can find an appropriate activity for several hours. From now “Domina Shopping” will not only expect visitors from Latvia, but also from Estonia and Lithuania".

With the completion of the new entertainment center, built by “Newcom Construction”, the total floor space of “Domina Shopping” has grown to 117 000 m2. As a result, the leasable area at the shopping mall is now around 56 000 m2, of which 7 000 m2 are still reserved for office space and 49 000 m2 large premises are now available to retailers. At present, “Domina Shopping”  houses over 175 stores selling clothing, footwear, sports goods, food, health products and goods of other categories, as well as services providers, while the total area designated for entertainment and food services is 10 000 m2.

To learn more about “Apollo Skypark” in “Domina  Shopping”, we invite you to visit the new website www.apolloskypark.lv. It includes detailed list of the services available at the entertainment centre and the price list.

About “Domina Shopping“ centre

“Domina Shopping” is one of the largest shopping malls in Riga (Latvia), providing its visitors extensive and convenient shopping opportunities in more than 175 stores. The centre meets the highest energy efficiency requirements, confirmed by ISO 50001 certificate. Since July 2016, “Domina Shopping” owner and operator is “EfTEN DOMINA”. The shopping mall adress is Ieriķu Street 3, located between two main streets in Riga – Čaka and Brīvības Streets. More information about “Domina Shopping” is available on its webpage  www.domina-shopping.lv and social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.