Electrifying three day music festival comes to Vilnius

  • 2004-03-04
  • By Jayde Will
VILNIUS - Remixology may sound like a misspelled Robbie Williams CD on the black market, but that's just one of the words you might find yourself chanting during Electronic Days, a major electronica festival in Vilnius from March 4- 6.

Remixology is actually the name for the turnstyle philosophy that will be at the very heart of the festival, which is being billed as the biggest electronica party in the Baltics. The sprawling 1,000-square-meter main hall of the Contemporary Art Center will play host to some of the best peformers around in electronic music.
The three-day event will be an all-out orgy of cutting edge video technology and music spanning the electronic spectrum, from minimalist techno to dance-hall reggae.
With two stages for the electronic cowboys to spin their eardrum shattering sounds, the CAC will be the most vibrant place in downtown Vilnius throughout the festival.
For many music lovers, the words electronic music conjures up images of mindless techno or twee Euro pop, so with Electronic Days the CAC hopes to try and show just how eclectic and artistic electronic music can actually be.
The CAC is probably the ideal place to host the venue. Since most of the best clubs in Vilnius make you feel like you're dancing in a closet while on the dance floor, and you risk serious injury from tall, drunken guys flaying their elbows around like they're in a cage, the sheer size of the CAC will give the event the sort of industrial feel it really needs to be at home.
Among the many guests will be the German group Mouse on Mars, the Lithuanian enigma Ignas Krunglevicius, and artists from 10 other countries will also join in the fun.
The party will go on each night from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m., and the Center Cafe will be open all the while in case you want to just sit down, eat and chill out for a while.
Provided you still have the energy after this musical marathon, there will also be an afterparty at Intro nightclub from 3 a.m. to 9 a.m. after each night. Tickets cost 8 euros for one day, or 16 euros for all three days. For more info check out www.cac.lt.

Electronic Days, March 4 - 6
The Contemporary Art Center

2 Vokieciu Street, Vilnius
Tel: +370 262 3954