• 2004-02-12
AUSTRIA Expected to restrict the entry of workers from the incoming states for the full seven years
BELGIUM Restrictions on workers for two years. No decision yet on access to welfare benefits
BRITAIN Immigrants from new EU states will have to live in Britain for up to two years before they can claim state benefits
DENMARK Will limit work permits and access to benefits for five years
FINLAND Limits on work permits for two years, renewable year by year. Permits will only be given if a Finn cannot be found to do the job
FRANCE Will limit work permits for two years and then review restrictions to see if they should be extended
GERMANY Restrictions on numbers of work permits in place for first two years after EU enlargement though these are expected to be renewed for the full seven years
GREECE Planning restrictions for the first two years but final decision will be made this spring
IRELAND Had announced an open-door policy but following the review by Britain said would keep entry of new EU citizens under "very close scrutiny"
ITALY No formal announcement but expected to impose restrictions for two years
LUXEMBOURG Set to apply restrictions for two years.
NETHERLANDS Intends to cap the number of workers arriving from Eastern Europe to 22,000
PORTUGAL Intends to impose quota of 6,500 workers from new member states
SPAIN To limit work permits for the first two years