Recall the past

  • 2003-12-18
Regarding your article "Total Recall" (TBT # 383), I agree with the decision made by Latvian MPs and disagree with your statement.

Latvia is now a free and democratic country open to everybody but like any other sovereign state expects a little loyalty and respect. To you and some other Western journalists and politicians a little knowledge of history of Latvia would help. One point I could particularly agree with: Latvia is a young and inexperienced democracy, to my view a democracy that has a lot to learn in order to fight an experienced, clever and shameless liars and demagogues like Mr. Bekasov who talks democracy as his cover. He and his group are well known former Reds who fought against Latvian independence. So aims of his so-called "Official Party" are also very questionable.
Fifty years of Soviet occupation and genocide against the Latvian nation have created this abnormal situation. Latvians are hardly a majority in their own native land. And this so called "democratic" Russia (sponsor of Bekasov's group) still doesn't want to recognize the occupation fact nor apologize for the terrible crimes committed here in Latvia and other Baltic states and instead continues threats and accusations.
I have never heard of any smart Western journalist or politician asking ethnic Latvians and Gulag survivors about their feelings and concerns. As Latvians and other Balts see it, all criminals against humanity should be treated and prosecuted equally. So far only Nazi criminals have got attention and prosecution.
Peteris Balodis, Riga

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