On stags and rugby

  • 2003-09-25
Several issues back a newcomer to Estonia made several comments about the behavior of "rugby" players in his favorite nightclub.

Perhaps this wannabe property developer could inspect the Eesti Ragbifoderatsioon [Estonian Ruby Federation] Web site and note that rugby players support drug prevention projects in schools and the integration program and help develop rugby in schools.
As a rugby player and coach of many years, I can say that many wannabes wear rugby shirts, but that does not make them a rugby player.
The stag party sector of tourism will sadly flourish because hotels, bars, etc. encourage these people. Dublin, Prague and Amsterdam have banned such groups. This is the only way forward for Estonian Tourism, and we support such action.
Rugby teams have enjoyed Tallinn Old Town for several years without getting bad press from the indigenous population.
We have seen thousands of "get rich quick" ex-pats come and go with their tails between their legs. We wait and see!

John Slade
President, Estonian Rugby Federation


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