RSE members lift commissions and trading fees

  • 2000-06-29
RIGA - On July 5 the Riga Stock Exchange will celebrate its 1,000th trading session. To mark this date, during the first week of July (July 3-7) banks and brokerage companies that are members of the RSE will not charge any fees for trades executed at RSE. The Week of Opportunities involves suspension of the fees imposed by the stock exchange, depository and all members on trades in the equity market as well as in debt market.

"This joint action by all participants of the Latvian capital market proves that we all are ready to cooperate for a common goal to promote our market. I hope that the Week of Opportunities will attract new investors, particularly local retail investors and will encourage them to be more active in the market," said Uldis Cerps, president of RSE.

In addition to the suspension of commission fees, from July 3 RSE will offer Internet-based access to the RSE trading system e-broker for a new price. There will be no entrance fee, and the monthly fee will be dropped to 30 lats (50 euros, about $50) for non-residents (companies and physical persons residing outside Latvia) and 5 lats for residents.