Tallinn architects frown on idea of amusement park in capital

  • 2003-06-21
  • Baltic News Service

The Estonian Union of Architects is protesting against plans to build a large amusement park in central Tallinn as it may close a large part of the civic area designated for public use.
Union head Tonu Loigu said that if Tallinn were to follow the example of Copenhagen and build an amusement park in downtown - in Tallinn's case, near the Skoone bastion - that would be surrounded by an iron fence, some 10 hectares of land meant for public use would disappear.
Loigu said the union would send a similar explanation to the city government.
Last month the Tallinn city government signed a memorandum of good intentions with Tivoli International, the Danish company specializing in building and operating amusement parks, on the possible creation of a park in downtown Tallinn.
Deputy Mayor Toomas Vitsut said the project would attract some 1.5 billion kroons (95.8 million euros) in investment for the Estonian capital.
The city recommended Linnahall, a complex built for the 1980 Olympic games and slated for sale, and the Skoone bastion as possible sites for the park.
Tivoli, which said it would need 10 hectares for the project, is planning to build a park similar to the one it built in Copenhagen, with rides, hotels and even a conference center.
In accordance with the memorandum, the concrete details for the amusement park should be agreed upon by November, at which time the city and investors will decide whether the project is viable.