Post office way behind

  • 2003-06-05
  • Baltic News Service

The Latvian state postal company Latvijas Pasts has fallen behind on implementing EU requirements. The company has so far only implemented about 40 percent of the requirements listed in an agreement signed in 1998, according to the company's temporary CEO, Gints Skodovs.

Skodovs said that the company was set to undergo a general audit of its upgrade schedules to help calculate the amount of funding it would need to carry out further reforms.

He said that the entire management system of Latvijas Pasts was in need of reorganization, which until now had been based on "mistrust toward each other." The current management system is complicated and has caused additional stress on employees and additional spending, Skodovs said.

He said that the company's management and control system must be simplified and automated to expand the rights of employees and also their responsibilities.