Net sales soared in 2002

  • 2003-04-24

The Estonian Statistical Office reported that the aggregate net sales of enterprises operating in the country totaled 303.6 billion kroons (19.4 billion euros) in 2002, 13 percent more than in 2001.

Public health and social maintenance, construction and hotel and restaurant business saw the highest increases in sales last year.

In all, Estonian enterprises' labor costs increased by 13 percent last year, while the enterprises invested 21 billion kroons into fixed assets, 5 percent more than in 2001. The biggest investors were in the food processing, shipping, warehouse and communications industries.

As of the fourth-quarter of last year, there were 26,618 enterprises producing goods or providing non-financial services.

Of all the enterprises 34 percent specialized in trade, 21 percent in real estate, leasing and business and 21 percent in the processing industry.

Enterprises producing goods and providing nonfinancial services last year employed a total of 386,000 people. These enterprises accounted for 73 percent of the surplus value produced in Estonia.

By sphere of activity, this biggest producers of surplus value were enterprises operating in the processing industry, trade and shipping, warehousing and communications.