Icebreaking hits budget hard

  • 2003-03-06

The Estonian Maritime Administration said a total of 49.7 million kroons (3.2 million euros) had been spent as of the end of February on winter navigation or icebreaking this winter.

The sum earmarked for icebreaking in the 2003 budget is 7.5 million kroons.

Maritime administration general director Andrus Maide said that the total sum includes expenses both on foreign icebreakers as well as on the Estonian icebreaker Tarmo.

Extra allocations will come from AS Tallinna Sadam (Port of Tallinn), to be paid out in a reduction in the amounts of dividends the state will receive from the port.

The contractual daily cost of the Norwegian Tor Viking II, which is now breaking ice together with the Tarmo in the Gulf of Finland, is $30,000, not including expenses on fuel and lubricants.

The contractual price of the Balder Viking, which worked in the Gulf of Finland before the arrival of the Tor Viking II, was $40,000 per day, excluding fuel and lubricants. The final cost of the Balder Viking's 27-day mission was 15 million kroons.

Currently the Finnish icebreakers Zeus and Protector are helping ships in the Port of Parnu sea lane, which is also frozen.