Household costs jump

  • 2003-02-27

In the fourth-quarter of 2002 the average Estonian household's expenditures increased by 11 percent from the previous quarter, the Statistical Office reported.

The average monthly net income per member of household in the fourth-quarter was 2,713 kroons (172.8 euros), of which work wages contributed 1,809 kroons, or 67 percent.

Compared with the previous quarter, net income increased by 12 percent.

The average monthly spending per member of household was 2,685 kroons, of which 766 kroons, or 28 percent, was spent on food.

Housing expenses increased by 17 percent, primarily on account of higher cost of heating and hot water.

Food costs remained practically unchanged, with compulsory expenses (food and housing) accounting for 43 percent of total expenditures.

According to the statistics office, the estimated monthly subsistence minimum per capita in the fourth-quarter of 2002 amounted to 1,442 kroons, including the cost of the minimum estimated food basket of 632 kroons.

The subsistence minimum was up by 11 percent compared with the previous quarter's.