Women emissaries meet in Parnu

  • 2002-11-21

EU enlargement, the NATO summit in Prague and regional cooperation were the main subjects of the official meeting of Latvian and Estonian foreign affairs ministers held in Parnu last week.

Both Kristiina Ojuland, Estonian minister of foreign affairs, and Sandra Kalniete, her newly appointed Latvian counterpart, confirmed continued mutual support.

Kalniete, appointed to Latvia's Cabinet earlier this month, chose Estonia and Lithuania for her first official visits to reassure Latvia's Baltic neighbors of the continuity in the country's foreign affairs.

According to the press service of the Estonian Foreign Affairs Ministry, the two countries' bilateral relations are very good and are a positive contribution to cooperation between the three Baltic republics and the Nordic countries.

Estonia and Latvia are hoping to reach a compromise on EU enlargement questions, particularly in the agriculture and budget chapters of negotiations, before the Copenhagen summit in Dec. 2002.

Both countries stand for guaranteed sustainable development and fair competition in the agricultural sector after EU accession.