Latvian wins EuroAtlantic logo contest

  • 2001-11-01
On Oct. 25 an idea submitted by Latvian artist Janis Krievs was judged the best in a competition to design a logo and flag for NATO's EuroAtlantic Partnership Council. The international contest was announced in 19 NATO countries and 27 countries participating in the NATO Partnership for Peace program.

The Latvian artist took up the task after reading an article in the daily newspaper Diena, which suggested the flag could come from Latvia. Krievs was keen to prove that Latvia has world-class artists, and by the closing date of Sept. 15 he had sent 12 sketches to Brussels, one of which was chosen as the best. Krievs, born in 1942, has studied painting at the Latvian Art Academy and worked in graphic design, poster art, stage design and other artistic fields, and has also held artistic positions in a number of Latvian institutions. In recent years he has mainly worked in design and advertising, particularly with the company RD Media. The flag chosen for the EAPC is a white stylized star on a blue background, and is intended to be in tune with the NATO flag.