Baltics' first dance information center opens in Vilnius

  • 2001-10-11
  • Ausrine Bagdonaite
VILNIUS - Dance Information Space, a project organized by the Lithuanian Dance Information Center in Vilnius (A.Jaksto 9, room 305) opened last week. Anyone who is interested in world dance can make use of the information, which has finally been made available.

The information center offers two computers, nearly 2,000 brochures, 154 books, 102 periodicals and 290 videos on dance from 49 countries.

Founded in 1995, the Lithuanian dance information center has organized educational and other events, such as the International Modern Dance Festival and New Baltic Dance, and has participated at various European dance programs and hosted a great number of foreign dance troupes.

Dance Information Space was founded on a grant from the Budapest Open Society Institute, and money provided by the Sports and Culture Support Fund, according to Audronis Imbrasas, director of the dance information center.

"This is the first official institution oriented at dance that exists in the Baltic states and, perhaps, in all of Eastern Europe," Imbrasas said.

Information on the history of various kinds of dance, the methodology of dance, management, choreographers and dancers, troupes, schools and prominent personalities in the dance world is the backbone of Dance Information Space.

However, the priority is given to modern dance and ballet. The library also provides information on study and work opportunities at various dance institutions abroad.