Baltic trade balance negative

  • 2001-06-21
  • BNS
RIGA - Latvia has the lowest foreign trade activity among the three Baltic states, according to Estonia's State Statistics Office.

Last year Latvia exported goods worth $1.87 billion, about half as much as Estonia and Lithuania. Estonian exports last year are estimated at $3.16 billion and Lithuania's at $3.55 billion.

Imports in Latvia are also lower than in the neighboring countries. Last year Latvia imported goods worth $3.19 billion, Estonia $4.24 billion and Lithuania $5.22 billion.

Latvia's main export goods are timber and wooden goods, which account for 37.4 percent of total exports. A large part of exports is also made up of textiles and metals. The largest portion of imports is made up of machines and equipment, which accounts for 20.7 percent of total imports. Minerals and chemicals also account for a large portion of imports.

Estonia mostly exports machines and various equipment, which account for 37.4 percent of total exports. These goods also make up the largest portion of Estonian imports at 38.4 percent.

In Lithuania, minerals lead both exports and imports at 22.4 percent and 22.7 percent of the total respectively.

Latvia exports goods mainly to Great Britain, Germany and Sweden, while imports mostly come from Germany, Russia and Finland.

Lithuania's largest export markets last year were Latvia, Germany and Great Britain while imports were mostly from Russia, Germany and Poland.

Estonia's largest foreign trade partners both in exports and imports last year were Finland, Sweden and Germany.