Winter hits back at Easter

  • 2001-04-19
  • TBT staff
Easter in the Baltics was surprisingly cold this year. It came with 15 centimeters of snow, powerful gusts of cold wind, slippery sidewalks and treacherous roads. The snow storm began on the night of April 12 in Estonia and continued into Good Friday.

In Latvia the snow began on the night of April 14 and evolved into a heavy blizzard that continued into Easter Sunday. In Riga the snowfall rose to 0.28 meters.

Many drivers found they were sliding easily because most had already removed their winter tires. Lithuania experienced a high number of car crashes between Friday and Monday. In Kaunas, two policemen were killed when their car smashed into a lamppost.

Thousands of people in Estonia were left without electricity for several hours thanks to the stormy weather snuffing out 360 electricity substations. The wind speed there reached 13 meters per second.

Snow midway into April is not uncommon in the Baltics. In the spring of 1975, it snowed in Tartu on May 29.