Lithuania and EU have agreed on first five chapters in talks

  • 2000-06-01
BRUSSELS (BNS) - The EU countries have announced that they had decided that there was no need to continue talks with Lithuania on the first five chapters, as these could be now regarded as preliminary concluded.

The five chapters are: Statistics, Science and scientific research, Education and training, Common foreign and security policies, Small and medium business.

The conclusion was announced in Brussels on Thursday at the meeting of the Lithuanian and EU chief negotiators.

Lithuania's chief negotiator Vygaudas Usackas said he believed that the above conclusion would be approved at the meeting of Lithuanian and EU foreign affairs ministers which is to open on 14th June.

At the moment Lithuania is negotiating chapters related to competition policy, culture and audiovisual policy, foreign relations at the EU membership talks.

The EU countries think that consultations on the above chapters should continue.

Speaking about the chapter on competition policy, Usackas underscored the problem of free economic zones in Lithuania which is currently being solved, the Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Ministry reported.

Draft amendments to the basic law on free economic zones will be presently approved by the country's parliament.