Problems mixed in Baltic recovery

  • 2014-08-06
  • From wire report

TALLINN- Insufficient demand has become the most overwhelming problem for Estonia’s economy on the basis of assessments made by the experts polled by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research in June, writes
In the experts’ opinion, the gravity of the problem reaches seven points on a nine-point scale. Similar assessments made in Latvia and Lithuania revealed that in Latvia, the greatest problem is unemployment (6.5 points) and in Lithuania a shortage of qualified labor (6.8 points) along with unemployment (6 points).

In Latvia and Lithuania, a lack of confidence towards economic policy is much more of a problem than in Estonia (in Estonia this was 2.8 points, in Latvia 5 points and in Lithuania 5 points). Unemployment and a budgetary deficit were also estimated to be greater problems in Latvia and Lithuania than in Estonia. Of the three Baltic States, the summarized gravity of economic problems was the heaviest in Latvia (42.8 points), whereas in Lithuania it was 36.5 points and in Estonia 35.8 points.