Street poll

  • 2000-12-07
A survey on Vilnius' streets this week offered some interesting responses regarding the countries admission to NATO. Lithuania is seen as the front runner in joining NATO among the Baltic countries, an assertion that has drawn disdain from some Estonian officials.

Do you think that all three Baltic countries are obliged to join NATO together as suggested by Estonian politicians?

1. Valdas, businessman

Estonia can and should be keen that at least one Baltic country achieves NATO membership. Lithuania wouldn't object if Estonia were the first to be admitted. It's clear to everyone that Lithuania's made the most efforts to gain NATO membership and our army is the strongest in the three Baltic countries.

2. Julija, pensioner

I'm not very fluent in politics but it seems to me that NATO is a path to the West. I personally don't know very much about Estonia's objections but I don't understand why Estonia should object to Lithuania's accession.

3. Justas, manager

I think that all three countries Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia could be NATO and EU members. After all, Estonia was the first to begin negotiations with the EU and Lithuania had no objections to this. The behavior of Estonia's politicians divides the Baltic countries and their solidarity. If one country gains membership, it's useful for all the others. I also think that EU membership is more important than NATO membership because it's an economic union. If Lithuania were stronger economically then she would also be stronger defensively. I think that, for Lithuania, economic stability and guarantees are the most important thing.

4. Indre, student

It seems to me that all the Baltic nations are self-sufficient yet separate even though they are in one region. All have to be separately evaluated and it would be best for NATO to measure the countries according to their respective standards. Estonia's behavior is not acceptable. I don't think that Estonia has very much influence regarding Lithuania's NATO negotiations. I believe that Estonia's diplomats are not behaving correctly.

5. Skirmantas, student

I very much want Lithuania to gain NATO membership. Sooner or later this will happen. I don't think it makes a big difference if one or all of the Baltic countries gain membership, the effect will be the same. As far as I'm concerned there should be no objections to this question at all.

6. Janusas, security officer

I've always been for NATO. Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic nations and Lithuania's army is therefore the strongest. I also think that our country's geopolitical situation makes our membership advantageous to NATO. The very fact that Lithuania would be invited is understandable. Therefore, Estonia shouldn't feel forgotten or discriminated against, because it is still useful to Estonia that at least one Baltic country gain membership this union.

7. Vilius, musician

All of the Baltic countries need to be united as far as this question is concerned, and all should gain NATO access at the same time. However, in my view, Lithuania should emphasize education over military expenditure and at the same time still strive for NATO membership. The three Baltic countries are very similar, and they should all seek the same goal.