Latvia lifts Russia TV ban

  • 2014-07-09
  • From wire reports, RIGA

RTR Rossiya will be broadcast again after it was accused of spreading ’propaganda’

Latvia has lifted a broadcasting ban one of Russia's most popular TV channels.

Cable operator Lattelecom announced it would resume broadcasting RTR Rossia as of July 8. The three month ban comes after officials said the channel had violated media law in Latvia.

Baltcom TV has also resumed broadcasting the channel, the firm said. Elizabete Podinska, a spokeswoman for Baltcom TV said the Russian channel was one of the most popular among its viewers.

In April, The National Electronic Mass Media Council decided to impose a three-month broadcasting ban on "RTR Rossia in Latvia.

The council said the channel has violated media law after inspecting "RTR Rossia" video recordings, the council found out that the channel's programs and newscasts contain information that violates the Electronic Mass Media Law."

The channel has also been accused of spreading 'propaganda', The Associated Press reports.

However, whilst all Latvian cable operators banned the station, Viasat TV continued broadcasting RTR Rossia on the pretext that it's not under the National Electronic Mass Media Council's jurisdiction.

The National Electronic Mass Media Council repeatedly bid to pursue "Viasat" in court, though no action followed afterwards.