Rasmussen rewarded for ‘smart defense’ initiatives

  • 2014-05-30
  • from wire reports, VILNIUS

Rasmussen will be awarded a honorary doctorate of KTU for development of knowledge and advanced future technologies in order to implement the concept of smart defense and intellectual principles of defending the ideal of freedom.

Rasmussen is a Danish politician, was prime minister of Denmark from 2001-2009, and is secretary general of NATO from 2009. During his term of service NATO has faced challenges and offered solutions solving crises in Afghanistan, Kosovo and Libya. Rasmussen initiated implementing the smart defense concept in sustaining world safety.

"In the shifting safety atmosphere of today's Europe, Rasmussen emphasizes the importance of sharing responsibilities while trying to achieve common goals. We are happy to say that KTU researchers contribute to NATO by creating defense technologies. The University is awarding an Honorary Doctorate to Rasmussen for not only aiming to keep up with the changing world, but also for sharing responsibilities while creating it," says KTU Rector Petras Barsauskas.

The Secretary General of NATO will be awarded the KTU Honorary Doctor regalia at an open Celebratory Session which will take place at the Great Hall of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.