162m Latvian national library construction completed (video)

  • 2013-12-20
  • From wire reports, RIGA

The Latvian National Library has been called the Castle of Light due to its unique design (photo via delfi.lv)

One of Latvia's biggest construction projects- The National Library- has been completed, builders say.

The 162 million euro Latvian National Library also known as the Castle of Light due to its unique design, will be ready for use in Jan. 2014.

Latvian Culture Minister Dace Melbarde called the building an "intellectual , scientific, educational and cultural development center," and said the country should be proud of it.

Around 450 construction workers were involved in the construction of the building which took over five years to complete. 

An official opening ceremony, attended by high ranking officials, will held on Jan. 18. During the ceremony, the libraries first batch of books will be introduced to the building.

In 2014, the library will play host to a series of events celebrating Riga as the European capital of culture.

Here's some more data on the construction of the library, via delfi.lv

Site area: 17,431 m2, with building area of ​​12,210 m2Total area: 40,455 m2Building length, width, height: 170 m, 44 m, 68.3 mConstruction of the building of the original cost (excluding VAT): 114.6 millionBuilding support 8.9 miles pile driven into the ground 501 pileTotal, 44,500 m3 of concrete, 5,560 tons of reinforcing, 300 tons of steel On the roof cast into 600 tons of stainless steelThe total cable length: 540 kmTotal pipe length: 150 kmFront area: 15 300 m2Construction of the building requires approximately 4.2 million man-hoursStone walls displacement: 2 190 m3Gypsum board wall and ceiling area: 12,655 m2Glass area: 13,910 m2The raised floor area: 3,707 m2The maximum construction time while the number of employed workers - 450

Watch this amazing time lapse video of the construction of the library.

See more photos of the library here