Energy efficiency key to security

  • 2013-10-31
  • From wire report

POWER STRUCTURE: Energy substations in the Baltic Sea provide power to the grid.

VILNIUS - Deputy Minister of Energy Zydrune Juodkiene has participated in the CONCERTO conference, where she stressed the importance of energy efficiency in order to achieve stable and competitive growth in the European economy, reports ELTA.
“It is already more that obvious that the principle of energy efficiency is effecting various fields of our economy. That is why it is one of the means to strengthen stability and competitiveness of the economic sector. As it is one of the most economically feasible measures to increase Europe’s energy security, decrease the dependence on energy imports and ensure sustainable growth of the economy, energy efficiency is becoming very important in order to achieve the EU’s energy policy goals,” stressed Juodkiene.

According to the vice minister, the issue of energy efficiency is an integral part of the top energy priorities of the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council - completion of the internal energy market and strengthening of the external dimension of the EU energy policy.
“Without integral EU energy infrastructure and with energy islands still present, we will have fewer opportunities for the effective use of energy resources. In turn, smart cities and electricity grids will allow more effective trade in the internal energy market and will strengthen Europe’s position in the relationships with external partners,” said the vice minister.
Juodkiene drew the attention that concrete energy efficiency targets are already agreed at the EU level. But the EU needs high level political commitments and actions to appropriately implement those targets. Continuous contributions with innovative proposals for smart cities projects are also very welcome and should be encouraged.

CONCERTO is a European Commission initiative within the European Research Framework Program. It is aimed to meet the challenges of the growing energy demand and provide solutions for a more stable future of Europe. CONCERTO promotes energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources to ensure the welfare of citizens and the growth of a low-carbon economy.