Linkevicius suggests removing ambassadors

  • 2013-08-26
  • From wire reports

Linas Linkevicius

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevicius will suggest that the government remove Ambassador in Hungary Renatas Juska and Ambassador in Azerbaijan Arturas Zurauskas from office, though the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs unofficially disapproved this move during its sitting on Aug. 26, reports ELTA. “The government will receive a proposal - possibly in the next sitting - to remove the two ambassadors from office,” said Linkevicius after the sitting of the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs on Monday.

However, according to the minister of foreign affairs, there will be no proposals regarding the diplomatic service of both Zurauskas and Juska.

Linkevicius did not agree with the opinion of political observers that the decision to recall ambassadors, but leave them in diplomatic service, was a poor compromise. “In my opinion it is quite a fair compromise having in mind their future prospects. They made mistakes, but they also did a great job during a certain period; therefore, I believe it is a good compromise,” said Linkevicius.

The representatives of the Seimas Committee on Foreign Affairs refrained from commenting, as did Zurauskas and Juska. According to the Seimas press service, the decision of the Committee is not public; it will be presented when proposed in the Cabinet sitting.