20th anniversary

  • 2013-04-17

TWENTY YEARS IS SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE: (From left) Mati Vaarmann, Ivars Slokenbergs, Gene Zolotarev.

The Baltic Times hosted a festive event on the evening of April 3 to commemorate its 20th Anniversary as the only English language newspaper covering all three Baltic countries. One of the highlights was a short film put together by its staff as a special tribute to the most amazing front pa ge news stories over the past 20 years. The guests, including many diplomats, prominent business people, senior government officials, and others who have helped make the paper a leading voice in the Baltics, were able to re-live the events that changed the lives of the Baltic people forever.

The Baltic Times always was and shall remain fully independent and committed to professional reporting of all major political, social and economic events of the region. It remains a clear voice of the Baltic countries to the international community. Those in attendance enjoyed the wine and assorted foods and reminisced about the past 20 years in the Baltics, and speculated about what the next 20 years may bring.