Oaks in celebration plan

  • 2012-12-20
  • From wire reports

TALLINN - A project to plant oak groves will be launched next year when Estonia celebrates its 95th birthday, with the aim of planting a grove of 100 oaks in every Estonian county by Estonia’s 100th jubilee in 2018, reports Postimees Online. Next year, when the Estonian Republic celebrates its 95th birthday, many projects will start that will culminate by the 100th anniversary in 2018; competitions on film, art and theater will be declared and 100 oak grove projects will be started. School children will pick acorns next autumn that will be germinated to grow young oak trees. The young oak plants will be planted in local municipalities in 2018.

Estonian State Chancellery adviser Jaanus Rohumaa said when introducing the plans of the birthday years last week that the minimum program is to plant one grove in every county. “I hope that by the year 2018, we can plant one oak per every Estonian,” he said.

To focus on the young, the State Chancellery in cooperation with the company AKU Collective created a smartphone application - National Calendar - for the 95th birthday. It can be downloaded from January.
The program for the 95th anniversary includes traditional birthday events, but residents’ own initiatives are also welcome. Thus the State Chancellery welcomes information about all events aimed at celebrating the birthday to be posted on its special Web page.