Tolmacevs gathers signatures

  • 2012-08-22
  • From wire reports

RIGA - Over 8,000 signatures have been gathered for a referendum on granting citizenship to non-citizens, says For Equal Rights coordinator Andrejs Tolmacevs, reports LETA. Tolmacevs pointed out that resident activity doubled last week, with 1,200 people signing. Six hundred people signed the motion the previous week, 200 - three weeks ago and 100 - four weeks ago.

Resident activity was low in July due to the fact that many people went on vacation or decided to postpone signing the motion until the last possible moment, explained Tolmacevs and added that the activity increased due to the latest proposals for changes in the referendum initiation procedure.

Tolmacevs is convinced that the activity will not decrease and the necessary 10,000 signatures will be collected by the end of August and submitted to the Central Election Commission in early September.
The signature drive is currently in its first stage. If 10,000 signatures are collected and submitted to the Central Election Commission, its next stage, where at least one-tenth of voters’ signatures will have to be collected, will be organized and funded by the state.